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Heil, mein flip-flop-fuhrer!

Have you guys been paying attention to what Battaglia has been doing to our school?
Probably not.
Which is why I'm gonna tell you:
She's turning it into a fascist regime.
Let's see the list of restrictions she's imposed, in roughly chronological order...

No eating in the halls.
No leaving the cafeteria.
Always sign into study hall and the library.
No electronic devices (luckily, this doesn't include calculators...)
She's been trying to regulate which of the school doors certain groups can leave by!
No leaving classes even a fraction of a second before the bell rings.
No card-playing.
No sitting in the halls.

And that's just what I can think of off the top of my head.
Plus she's been (horrors!) actually enforcing the legitimate rules that you can find in the student handbook.
Plus her never-ending cumpulsive obsession with flip-flops.

Anyway, what she fails to realize is the following:
City Honors students are superior to all others, not because we're smarter (tho' we are), but because we are responsible for our actions.
City Honors, the way I see it, was founded on a premise of integrity, responsibility, and trust.
Stop trusting the students, and you lose their responsibility. Lose the responsibility, lose our overall moral integrity. Lose the integrity, lose everything that makes City Honors different from every other school.
Battaglia is trying to drive our school into the dirt.

I didn't actually come to City Honors until '01-'02, which was the second year of Battaglia's reign of terror, so I never actually knew what it was like without her. But I do know that her power was not yet secure when I first arrived, so she hadn't yet started undermining everything the school stood for.
I can, however, tell that there is a major difference between the free, liberal, learning-conducive environment of my Freshman year and the oppressive, stifling environment of this, my Junior, year.

At least this year is almost over, next year I'll be a Senior and thus Battaglia will have much less control over me, and the year after that I'll be out of here.
My class, or maybe even just the current Senior class, will have been the last class to have experienced the freedoms we had before Battaglia came into power.
Mark my words, soon City Honors will fall from its place of prominence as the top public school in the state and will plunge into the dark pit of mediocrity.

So I leave you today with this remark:
Be very glad y'all got out before Battaglia screwed the school over.

- Nathan Jay Grammer
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