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Ok, I know you8 guys barely EVER actually show for more then a few minutes to my parties but you HAVE to come to this one. It is specifically aimed at City Honors kids!

Joey D might possibly be the only person from our class to actually benefit from all those silly IB and AP classes, and yep he's graduating this semester.... It probably weas more the 21 credit hour semesters then the AP and IB courses though. His graduation ceremony was a couple weeks ago and we're FINALLY throwing him a party.

June 13th, probably arounmd 6 ish we're going to start our party until the wee hours of the night... The Bites club, as well as other class of 2001'ers of random crews should be attending... and I saw Randy the other day and I'm gonna bug Erin Carmen to come too. It should be a good time. It's a SUNDAY but none of you are in school and it should be a good time. So any of you who are in buffalo come!

...And since our last costume party was such a success.... It's going to be a TOGA PARTY!! :) aren't we dorks? Anyway, togas are optional but all the cool people will be wearing them....

OH and by the way I finally have state i.d. so next time u guys plan a group outting to the strip clubs or some craziness like that, let me know.... How is everyone??? Respond to me so I know you actually read this.

all is full of love,

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